Trial period terms

We appreciate your purchase of the Smart Portfolio product.

Smart Portfolio is the software and implemented algorithms provided within the Site by the Company to Users that allow them to purchase automatically a set of cryptocurrencies in accordance with the Portfolio structure using the integration with the Exchange via API Keys and execute certain transactions to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, included in the Portfolio by adjusting the structure, Portfolio rebalancing, aggregate profit tracking (all terms in this Policy are used in the meaning specified in the User Agreement available on the

In order to get acquainted with the interface of the Platform and estimate the quality of the Company's services, we offer you to use the Advanced Plan trial period option.

If you choose the Advanced Plan, you will be offered a trial period of 7 days, during which all the functionality of the Site and the Smart Portfolio will be available to you without restrictions as in the Advanced Plan. The Company will not charge you for the use of the Platform during this trial period.

Please note that after 7 calendar days from the date of purchase, the User will no longer be able to access the Platform on a trial basis.

Payment of any Plan after the expiration of the trial period implies the User's satisfaction with the quality of the services, and the User may not refer to non-compliance of the products with the requirements and expectations and claim a refund if the Plan price has been paid.

If the User does not use the trial period, he/she is deemed to have waived that right and expressed his/her consent to the terms and conditions of the Plan and the functionality of the Platform.

If you have any questions, please send them to Support team at the following e-mail address:

Last updated: March 10, 2021